Introducing myself

Wow, first posts are a little awkward!  I took the plunge and created a blog, and now I can’t think of a blasted thing to write.  Ah well, I’ll keep this short.  I’m an ex ‘sewist’ (or an ex-sexist, according to spellcheck) who recently embarked on a career change.  I went back to college and, after working as a pot-washer for a year, managed to land a job as a chef in a local pub.  The word ‘chef’ is qualified of course – I’m effectively a trainee – but I’m not going to let that stop me adopting the title!

I love food and I love working in a professional kitchen – the organisation, the preparation, the creativity, the attention to detail, the potential to learn and develop skills, (the illustrious history,) the buzz of service, the physicality, (the knives,) the calm, efficient usefulness of chefs.

There’s plenty not to love too of course, but nothing’s ever perfect.

I’m hoping to use this blog to discuss the food I cook.  I suspect it won’t always make for interesting reading because it’s written at least partly for myself (and because I have a tendency to get hung up on the really pedantic details).  However, maybe odd parts of it will occasionally be useful to someone somewhere.

If you’re at all interested in sewing, you can find my last blog here.  I’m not certain how long a period of time it spans, but the things I was writing about there represent over 10 years of my life!  Note that the last few posts are not reflective of the blog as a whole…

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